Saturday, 21 April 2012

Our anniversary and Adolf Hitler's birthday.

Hear me out on this. Yesterday, 20th April was our 12th wedding anniversary. In celebration, we enjoyed a pleasant meal and several glasses of wine, plus I got a new watch from my husband as a gift. All good stuff. Our wedding day back in 2000 was a beautiful day, even though it rained all evening.
Some months prior to the big day, my bank account was overdrawn, cheques were bouncing left, right and centre, so it was time to throw myself at the mercy of the bank.
Appointment made, I attended the High Street, complete with my list of outgoings, always bigger than the incomings, ready to plead my case.
The account manager I spoke to was a very nice, fair haired, blue eyed man. "Have you any big expenses coming up?" he asked.
"Well, I'm getting married," I replied.
"Congratulations," he said. "When's the big day?"
"20th April," I said.
"Hitler's birthday," he said.
"Well actually, we picked it because it's Maundy Thursday and the castle we're getting married in is half price on a Thursday."
"That's also a good reason," he said.
I got married and changed banks.

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