Thursday, 19 April 2012

My dog's nuts

The apostrophe in the title isn't indicating the omission of a letter, but possession. Bless my happy, little Labrador, he has an embarrassing problem at present. Being the pampered pooch he is, I took him straight to the vet's, along with my husband clutching his wallet. An injection, anti-inflammatory cream, a huge plastic collar and £76 later, we took the dog home.
Problem is, twice a day, we have to rub cream into the dog's bits. It's a bit distressing for all parties. My husband being of greater strength in holding the dog down, gets the restraining part, I get to apply the ointment. Lucky me. At least he gets a biscuit afterwards. He has after all, used a lot of energy holding on to the dog.
I was late for work this morning. When my line manager asked why I was late, my apology was accompanied with, "I was rubbing cream on the dog's testicles."

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  1. I laughed out loud at this, and it certainly conjures up some vivid images! Flighty xx