Thursday, 12 April 2012

87,000 words and the Brighton Festival

Left alone with my own fevered imagination for the last six months, I have managed to come up with 87,000 words of a crime novel. On a whim, I sent the first 4990 words to Myriad publishing in Brighton back in February. Last week while on holiday, I was thrilled to find out that I've been shortlisted along with five other entrants for the Writer's Retreat competition.
The winner is to be announced at the Brighton Festival on 23rd May. I'm going along to hear whether I've been successful or not. If I have, then, of course, I'll be delighted but win or not, I'm keen to hear what it was that the five judges were looking for in the submissions. After all, isn't life one long learning experience and if you're really lucky you get feedback? Just hoping they're kind about it.

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  1. Lisa,
    well done. How exciting! All the best for the 23rd May.
    Nikki G :)