Saturday, 5 May 2012

Seven days in Norfolk and five books later

We've just spent a very relaxing week in Norfolk. It's one of our favourite parts of England. Shame it rained most of the week but there you go. Monday was a beautiful day so we went to Wells-next-the-sea. It's a fantastic beach. We took the dog, having been told it was a dog-friendly beach. Indeed it was dog friendly.
LG, the Lab, loved it. He had a great time on the sand, running about all over the place. On the way back to our holiday cottage, he seemed to be wheezing and being the over protective owner I am, I feared he had doggy asthma. The likelihood was that he had sand up his nose.
When we got out of the car, I tipped cold water over his face. He won't be trying that one again. Seemed to stop the wheezing.
Anyway throughout the week, as well as doing a considerable amount of writing and hitting the 99,000 word mark for my novel, I also read five other books. I recently joined the new library in Maidstone, Kent and took some real, actual books out. I read 'The Herring in the Library', LC Tyler, 'The Kindest Thing', Cath Staincliffe,  'A Helping Hand', Celia Dale, 'Curious Curate' by MC Beaton and on my Kindle, 'Killing Cupid', Mark Edwards and Louise Voss. They were all good books, especially the Celia Dale. The strange thing was that whenever I picked up a paperback, my dog, who is quite needy, tried to knock it out of my hand and get on my lap. The Kindle he took no notice of.
Ordinarily, I would put this down to the books having other people's scent on them but these were brand new books, from a brand new library. I love my Kindle. I wouldn't be without it but it's made me think about the books v electronic download argument. Truth be known, I loved holding a printed book again.
Don't listen to me though. I'm just off to drop my holiday snaps off for developing. Only trouble is, if it's busy in town, I may not find anywhere to leave my horse and carriage.

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