Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Centuries of history in such a short time

Last night, I was very lucky to attend the Ceremony of the Keys at the Tower of London. I love London, particularly as I don't have to commute there every day. Truly, I think it is an amazing city. In my opinion, the best. In fairness, I haven't been to them all and I am English, so somewhat biased.
Anyway, the tour was led by 'Jimmy', a prouder and truer Englishman I've yet to meet and I've been to a couple of rugby matches at Twickenham. I will admit to not being the most fanatic rugby fan ever but my dad played his last game aged 50 something and my brother at 44 is still playing. That aside, 'Jimmy' was so knowledgeable and keen to share his vast knowledge of all that was the Tower of London and its history.
After showing us the Bell Tower, Bloody Tower, Traitor's Gate, Queen's House, Executioner's Block to name but a few, giving us a fascinating and amusing history of one of England's most breathtaking attractions, we waited in the falling dark for the ceremony to begin. It was amazing to witness.
In over 700 years, this ceremony has never been missed. (It was late once in the Second World War by six minutes according to Jimmy.)
Go online and get yourself some tickets. There's a wait of over a year apparently (I didn't organise the trip) but here's the best bit - THEY'RE FREE.

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