Saturday, 19 May 2012

Close to perfect Saturday

The day started with a chocolate muffin for breakfast. Yes, I know, it's hardly nutritious but it was very good. The sun was shining. We took the dog for a walk. He ran about like a great big red fool. We even saw a white albino squirrel in the trees. I swear that we both saw it so I wasn't still asleep or suffering from the night before.
Leaving home a bit later, the dog with a look of disgust on his face, we went out shopping together for some very harmonious his 'n' hers shopping. Husband and I got the purchases we required, we had a coffee and came home. Aah. Good stuff.
I did some gardening just in time before the flexible rose tree touched the lawn and then the ice cream van stopped just outside the house. This was too much. I would have shoved a '99' in my face but the dirt under my fingernails was quite impressive at this stage. I settled for a lolly on a stick. Anything I didn't have to touch with my filthy hands. It was either that or lay under the ice cream tap. OK, I thought about it. My husband had the '99' complete with flake. I had ice cream envy.
This was followed by an hour of reading "You're next" by Greg Hurwitz (only half way through but loving it), fingernail dirt removal, wine and a curry.
How I love a weekend free from work and having to be anywhere at all.
Hope your Saturday was as good.

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