Friday, 15 November 2013

One of the reasons why my husband needs a job.

When my husband retired three years ago, we decided that it would be a good idea if he took over the running of the house, including the housework. This suited me down to the ground, as apart from never having to clean the bathroom again, I had more time to myself on the weekends.
Within a year of his retirement, I'd started to write and so I was even more grateful for my lack of household chores.
Lately, I've wondered if he should seek some form of employment. It's not the money, although a few extra quid here and there would come in handy. My change of heart is more to do with his reaction whenever the phone rings. He seems quite excited to talk to whoever's on the other end of the line. Mostly, the callers are trying to sell something or tell us about the compensation we can claim for an accident we've been in. Neither of us have been in an accident for about ten years and I do take exception to people ringing me at home, disturbing my time to sell me something I don't want.
My husband takes this one step further by goading them. I must admit, it's pretty funny.
So far, I've heard him refuse to confirm his name, meaning that he couldn't take part in a survey. His reply was, "So, let me get this right - if you can't confirm who I am, you won't let me take part in your survey. You mean the survey I don't want to take part in anyway."

He seemed surprised when the caller ended the call on him.
Hardly a day goes by without him having one of these calls. It seems to be his new hobby. I suppose it's cheaper than golf.


  1. lol its the old age that makes him this way ;) xx

  2. Hmm I can see him in my minds eye chuckling every time he puts the phone down, lol

  3. I think that you're both right! x