Saturday, 24 August 2013

Don't let your husband retire unless you want to hit yourself on the head with packets of tea

Perhaps I should explain that my husband is tall and I am short. This will come in handy later to get the full understanding of my plight.
Three years ago, we moved house. As is often the case with most couples, I arranged the kitchen and placed the most frequently used items where they were easier to reach. This also included anything brought out only on high days and holidays remaining on the highest shelf, but still within grasp of my stubby little fingers.
All that changed when my husband retired and took over the running of the house. My carefully thought out plan of what went where in the cupboards was abandoned. In came his idea of where everything should go.
Many aspects of this new arrangement appealed to me - no more supermarket shopping for a start. The problem with this setup is that currently I have no idea how much anything costs. The price of everything has gone up so much too since I've been relieved of my food shopping duties. This means that I'm clueless whether 80p is a fair price for a pint of milk or not. Fear not though as I'm completely aware how much I should pay for a bottle of decent red wine.
Frequently, I perform daredevil feats in my own home by flicking packets of teabags from the top shelf with the tip of a steak knife. Too lazy to get a chair, I much prefer the excitement of whether the serrated knife will pierce the bag and leave a dusting of tea everywhere. If I'm having a slow day, the object will sometimes land on me. I've yet to drop the knife on my toes but it's bound to happen. The wine is kept at grab level and the corkscrew's in the drawer. Think you can see where I'm going with this...


  1. Teabags here are kept in the cupboard but restocked from the box on top of the cupboard. I'm the shortest in the house. The rule is: if they don't restock the tin when it's empty I don't make the tea. I refuse to stretch when there's 4 more capable than I am :)
    Glad you've made sure wine supplies are sorted!