Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Lab with his own agenda

Seems that I have the world's first lab with an eating disorder. As a tiny puppy, LG would often disappear to be found some time later with his head in the 12K bag of food I had inadvertently left open. I had to wrap my arms around him and separate him from the kibble. Training included making him wait near to his bowl when we put it down for him before allowing him to eat.
Forward that on six months and it's a completely different story. We've probably given in one too many times. We change his food every few days from duck flavour to lamb, then beef then turkey. He's bored of all of those so now I have taken to opening a small tin of fish for him to pour over his breakfast.
At 730am this morning, kippers did not do it for me. They were just the thing for my dog though.

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