Friday, 5 April 2013

Wrap up warm: it's an English Easter

Last Sunday was my forty-second birthday. It was a great day, beginning with walking the dog, followed by opening presents and cards. The excitement over, I read a book and had a siesta. Well, it was my birthday. To complete celebrations, that evening, we took a taxi to town, had a meal and then got another cab straight back home. The intention had been to venture to a pub after eating but we decided to call it a night. We were indoors before ten o'clock. Yeah, I know - we're hell-raisers.

It certainly was a bonus to have my birthday on Easter Sunday so I could take full advantage of the four day weekend and devour an Easter egg in one sitting.

The one thing I hadn't expected was the weather to be so cold.

I'm aware that you feel the cold more as you get older but I'm not sure turning forty-two means that I have to wear a hat, scarf, gloves and coat to go to the shops from now on. The high point of my week off was my publishers, Myriad Editions, informing me that my book, Never Forget, was on press. This was great news and I even loosened my woolly scarf in celebration, although the mittens I was wearing hindered me slightly.

My other news, not nearly as exciting as this, but still, I think you'll agree, quite an event, was the discovery that the car we've owned for two years, has a heated seat function. Now that was worth finding out. Reading is one of my favourite pastimes so I'm looking forward to sitting in the car with the seats warming my posterior while I read one of the books I was given as birthday presents. The only flaw in my plan is that I'll have to be sober when sitting in the driver's seat. On second thoughts, it's not that cold in the house...

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