Saturday, 20 April 2013

Why does the weekend fly by so fast?

True, it often involves too much wine so some of it is forgotten or indeed, not remembered in the first place. My husband suggested going out on Friday night when I got home from work, so a short taxi ride and ten quid later, we were in a pub. It started there and ended in a fantastic Gurkha restaurant.
The bill was reasonable. Pretty much a fifty fifty split between booze and food. I definitely paid. I have the credit card receipt to prove it.
The cab ride home is very hazy.
This morning we felt a little jaded but as it wasn't the dog's fault, LG the lively Lab, got his walk. We even indulged him in a game of 'Throw the Stick'. The only rule is once he cocks his leg on it, we find another stick.
Feeling a little bit more together, we decided to go out for a late breakfast to Tenterden. It's a lovely place in Kent with several good places to eat. We found one serving breakfast which like the Gurkha restaurant on the night before, was fantastic.
When we got home, I opened the door to find LG cowering and shaking on the floor. Don't get me wrong, he's a good guard dog and had barked as I approached the house but on realising I actually had a key, he knew he was in trouble. Concerned as to why he was behaving this way, we checked the house but couldn't find what he'd done wrong. It seems that he just automatically worries now when we come home.
Made me think back to our return home the previous night after falling out of the cab. Whatever he may have been told off for then, he's managed to get away with it because neither of us can remember that either.

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