Tuesday, 21 July 2015

How do they get away with that?

Something I have never understood is a booking fee for tickets. The price quoted should be the price without any extras being added on.
Have you ever bought a cup of coffee from somewhere, seen that the price for a latte was £3.50, ordered and then been asked for more money? I've never had someone pass me a cup of coffee and say something similar to, "That's £5 please. Don't forget the ordering fee."
I understand that some countries add tax to the price advertised at the point of sale but where in the world adds a drinking fee or a cup fee or an ordering fee?
There is a happy note to my rant in the form of St James Theatre, 12 Palace Street, London SW1E 5JA. And yes they have a website  www.stjamestheatre.co.uk and if you're in London or thinking of paying our capital a visit, please take a look. Not only are they booking fee and credit card fee free, they'll even post your tickets in the UK for £1.00.
I'm not even sure how they manage to cover the price of the stamp and envelope.
Just as important as anything else is that it's a brilliant theatre with lovely staff.
See - I told you it had a happy ending.

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