Wednesday, 10 July 2013

My husband's trousers fell down. Shall we retrace our steps from there?

So they say, if you've lost something, you should work backwards and try to recall what you did with the missing item. What if it's your sanity?
Tonight, my husband lost his trousers in the garden. What happened before that? That's right - I was at Sainsbury's Canterbury and met some lovely people, including one lady called Nina. I was particularly pleased to meet her as my protagonist is called Nina. I'm not sure she believed me but she was kind enough to stop for a photograph. We sold seventy books to the good folk of Kent and I met lots of brilliant people. Some were courtesy of my friend Elizabeth Haynes who was kind enough to tell them I was in Sainsbury's signing books.
A few days before that, I was on the Pat Marsh BBC Kent radio show. That was amazing and I was made to feel very welcome. I was nervous for the usual reasons but mainly because my friends and colleagues from work were listening in - just in case. I'm satisfied I didn't disgrace them or myself.
Before that, I found myself in Alfriston, East Sussex, having been asked to join in with a question and answer session relating to all things publishing. Apart from meeting some enthusiastic and charming people in the audience, the owners of Much Ado Books, Cate and Nash, gave me a very warm welcome. They have a truly gorgeous bookshop.
Oh yes, and before that, I was at my book launch. It was arranged by Myriad Editions, my amazing publishers who booked me a Pizza Restaurant venue. In my line of work, a pizza is a thing of beauty. I couldn't have asked for more. If I had, I would have been granted a wish of about 100 friends and family helping me to celebrate the release of my book and buying numerous copies, just before I made a speech.
Oh that's where I left my sanity. I was so worried about walking away from the microphone to grab a drink, by the time I'd finished talking, my top lip had stuck to my upper teeth. It's not a look I recommend to anyone.


  1. It was great to see you at the launch. Myriad put on a fantastic show!

    I'm reading Never Forget now, and so far I'm really enjoying it. I just got to the bit where... Oh, wait, I forgot. Some people might not have read it :-)

    1. Hi Tony,
      Thanks so much - it was great to see you too.
      Sorry as I've only just realised you left a comment. Perhaps I should try reading my own blog!
      See you soon.