Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Laughing Gravy wore my jumper and we came up with a title for my book

Friday evening I got home late from work. I found my dog at the front door wearing my jumper. I'm not sure how he got his head through the neck hole either or what he thought he was doing. It was an old jumper I'd given him to play with. I know how cheap this makes me. Honestly, we've tried him with all sorts of toys but they don't last very long. We thought that we'd struck gold by giving him our old clothes to play with. We stopped short of my husband's old pants.
That would be a whole world of wrong. They're supermarket own.
After a very long weekend at work, I had Monday and Tuesday off and like all work-free days, they sped by, leaving me with a list of stuff I haven't tackled. I forgot a friend's son's birthday for a start.
Most of Monday was taken up with a visit to Brighton to meet up with Myriad who are publishing my book next year. I have a lot of work to do on this rewrite. The meeting went really well though and at last, we've come up with a title.
As myself and my long-suffering husband who I talked into coming with me, were out of the house for so long, we'd asked a friend to nip round and let the dog out for a while. She sent me a text to tell me that she wasn't sure if he should be chewing random items of clothes and had rehung them on the washing line.
Really glad now we didn't let the dog have the second-hand underwear. I'd never be able to look my friend in the eye again.

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